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tcis novels

by C. Ikpoh

World of Truth

"World of Truth: Sochi" is the first book of the series. In the beginning, we are introduced to a fantastical world of holy kingdoms facing imminent destruction. All that lies between them and eternal damnation are the deeds of two unlikely men: the Hunter and the Librarian. They have embarked on a quest to find a man the Librarian believes is their only hope in locating the protagonist, Sochi, who may be the world’s sole chance for salvation. Unfamiliar with the legend of Sochi, the Hunter listens as the Librarian recites knowledge long hidden from the people since the Great Revival. Tales dating back millennia ago reveal Sochi and his fellow vampire warriors, called Nephilim, waged war alongside the ancient holy armies against the same evil plaguing the holy kingdoms of present times. He was victorious in driving them to the brink of extinction despite becoming the sole surviving warrior of God. The only problem is Sochi disappeared ages ago, evolving into a mere myth. What stories will the hidden truth of the world unveil? Will the two men find the link to possibly locating Sochi, and ultimately Sochi himself? Will the holy kingdoms be saved?