Sean Isaac Lee

“For a writer a blank page demands to be filled with words that can connect with others, even if they are never seen. I remember my first clumsy attempts at eleven. I had just finished the Modesty Blaise novel by Peter O’Donnell and was struck by how much more complex the characters were when compared to the comic strip. I was instantly hooked. My passion for writing was given life in that moment.

Now years later, like many writers I suppose, I’m still trying to find opportunities to provide for my family doing what my passion demands. Until then I am content to be part of a self-selecting community who take great care and joy in creating characters and stories that speak to our human condition. If in my words you find an entertaining escape and see a glimpse of something familiar then my talent has found its true purpose.”

Sean Isaac Lee was born in the southern most Caribbean island of Trinidad and worked for the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and as a Trader for Caribbean Stockbrokers before moving to Chicago. He now works as an administrator for the University of Chicago and lives in Hyde Park with his wife and son. Sean also provides copy-editing services for academic and creative professionals and sometimes writes under the alias Leevi Isaacs.

You can view the intro to Sean's novella, "Clot", here. If you would like to read the novella in its entirety, or connect with Sean, he can be reached on LinkedIn or on twitter @leeviIsaacs


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