"I walk over purple hills; velvet grass tickling my soles as each blade bends in unison to the sonic pulses of my spirit exiting through my feet. It is then the eternal flame in the sky illuminates a golden goddess before me. Her hair is black as rich soil, giving life to my eyes as they gaze upon its cascading effect. Our world spins as we stare at the other, the sky exchanging the flame for the beacon. Her skin gleams olive until an eclipse sets her flesh on fire, leaving it bronzed. My breath is invisible. I suffocate from the gray horizon depressing me as I realize there exists a place she is not. Her love is forever though. It is tangible. I can taste it: a sweetness of a nectar unknown....."

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The Christopher isaac society presents:

"She is my home"

Published by The Christopher Isaac Society

Author: C. Ikpoh

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