by C. Ikpoh

To oblivion
Beyond the light of comfort
Black obsidian

Sky beneath our feet
The dueling cities engage
Red moons dower heat

"A Vision of Love"
Under the black moon
Dark bronze hawk with wings of flame
Eclipsed sun of noon

I sit on a stone
Peering into the open
Kin to the alone

The ability
To truly touch another
With fragility


 Death is without pause

Last breaths unveil the reasons
The dark hides its cause


"Frigid Humanity"

 Snow flakes storm as one

Undoubtedly each unique
Warmth as strength undone


"Imperfect World"

 Winds of impure life

Whisper characteristics
Purity through strife



 Void of the righteous

Slaves to the imperfections


"Gray Dawn"

 Mists of a pale hue

Morbidity arises
Slaying the day's muse



 Yearning to relate

The guise of visual tales
Masking truth and fate


"Relative Evil"

The innate birthright

Shadow of a reflection
Night's kin doth recite



Forgotten lovers

Write of insatiable hearts
Birthed of lost mothers


"Mal'ak d'mot"

 King of all true love

Master of mortality
The knight of black doves

Looking through the glass
Endless hallways with no walls
Leading unto mass

Impending mortality
Fear is sensible

The curse of a sin
An unjust, fateful judgment
Bore power within

Sweet, savory taste
The King's fruit from The Goddess
Eden's pome replaced

"In Tune"
Life sings through the breeze
I harmonize with each breath
A soul rests at ease

Fortress of the heart
Pillars built beyond the clouds
Where I watch my dreams