"A Vampire's seduction"

by C. Ikpoh

The torches flickered in rhythm with her heartbeat, and her groggy state left everything a blur. Without seeing them, she knew rope bound her wrists and ankles to a serving plate. Involuntary moans emanated from her core and gently seeped through her closed lips. It was music to the ears of the wicked. Finally, she was awake.

As her eyelids opened, they confirmed the nightmare. She was being held captive. Stone pillars uniformly followed each other as far as her eyes could see. The light from the torches dissipated into a thick darkness not too far from the altar she lied upon. Gazing into the abyss, the woman knew she was not alone. A presence swam in the black sea before her as a low cackle vibrated along the molecules of horror swarming the ancient hall. No footsteps were heard. Nevertheless, she knew it was moving closer. She could feel it. The presence was lingering just outside of her sight. It mastered the senses, playing hers like a musical savant.

With the passing of time came increased sensations; she began experiencing exponential pleasure. Her body erupted with eroticism. The woman fought the sensations but her attempts were for naught. Quickly, her wonder was joined by fear though, for she knew something not of this world was her company.

Slowly, the presence moved forward. As it did, the flames of the torches froze. All light ceased to exist except that in the path of the figure creeping towards her. Then, suddenly, a scent of the sweetest flower trespassed into the woman's nostrils, painting her nose with its signature fragrance as ecstasy overcame her. The woman squeezed her thighs together in attempts to control her excitement. She was unsuccessful. The presence paused momentarily upon detecting the captive’s arousal. Ravished with satisfaction at its conquest, temptation filled its eyes. The sight of this terrified the captive woman.

The flames reflected off the delight in the eyes of the figure. The woman saw hell in its eyes… and it was beautiful. Soon, the figure was revealed through the dark mist which filled the room. Her captor, the demon that manipulated her humanity, showed itself.

The presence was no longer anonymous. It had a face which was strong, yet gentle, and gorgeously morbid. It had a feminine body which was vivacious and delectable. It had limbs which flowed long and gracefully, concluded by soft, perfectly manicured digits. The woman's spirit whispered lies of denial, desperately trying to ignore the surge of carnal lust. These lies were long and graceful as well. Nonetheless, they were futile. She could not deny her attraction to the succubus.

The immortal floated over to the altar, leaving her silken, dark blue attire trailing behind her. They locked eyes, gazing at each other with an inescapable bond. The demon stretched her arm towards her victim's legs as she leaned in. The woman's motionless lips were touched by the supple lips of the demon. Instantaneously, the captive's skin became intensely hot with passion. A simple kiss from the immortal slew all righteousness in her.

The demon traced her nails along the thighs of the woman, causing them to voluntarily open. The fingers separated heading towards different destinations. As the demon's hand maneuvered, she gently entered her captive. The immortal felt the woman's warmth and arousal with two fingers embedded in her feminine anatomy, and two fingers piercing her inner thigh. As the demon relinquished her hold, she slowly brought her hand to her face. One-by-one, she licked each finger coated with the woman's essence. Then, the two kissed, sharing the mixed taste. The woman, the captive, was liberated into damnation.

The demon's long, pointed teeth softly grazed the woman's lips, releasing more blood. It was consumed by both. The succubus then separated their lips and stood upright as she glared into her captive’s soul. While the woman lied on her back, she opened her eyes as well. The color of the immortal's irises was magical and hypnotizing. But amidst her admiration, another image stole the woman's gaze. Her guardian angels -- who had been with the woman through her entire life -- were weeping. Their sorrow was immeasurable. The woman became consumed with her betrayal of them. A tear rolled down her face as they ascended to never be seen again. Witnessing the newly moistened skin on the captive’s face, the immortal knew what her victim was witnessing, and she loved it.

Placing her thumb on the tear, the demon wiped it away. A devilish grin revealed the immortal's instruments of death; the white and crimson teeth gleamed like polished syringes in the torch's light. Once more, the woman saw hell in the demon's eyes. Simultaneously, the immortal slowly lowered her head and pierced the feeble skin on the woman's neck. As her life force flowed into the demon's mouth, she became paralyzed. The end was near.

It was not long before the immortal had her fill, and when there was nothing more to consume, she raised her body. Blood dripped from her full, soft lips onto the woman's face. Then, without a second glance towards the woman, the demon began walking away. With her back exposed through the silk garments, the demon once again captured the woman's senses with her gait using her sleek, curvaceous frame.

The captive’s lingering consciousness watched the immortal as her spirit began to journey to its final resting place amongst the damned. She smelled the demon's sweet scent as her spirit flew over flowers in the Devil's garden. The woman, now free from her temptress, was immediately being delivered into captivity again. Unbeknownst to her, though, there would be no enchanting sensations or ubiquitous feelings of pleasure. This realization began settling into her spirit, alerting every fiber of her being of what was to come. However, instead of the writhing pain and anguish she anticipated becoming overwhelmed with, there was a numbing sensation in its stead. Music was soothing her transition by way of a singular voice singing her welcome in seven octaves simultaneously. It was no wondrous occasion though. The numbness was a product of the woman's transformation. Her spirit was withering to ash.

Such is the consequence of a vampire’s seduction.