"voodoo priestess"

by C. Ikpoh

Is it love or fear that binds me? You are, without question, the most magnificent being I have ever encountered. Yet, my awe often is subdued by my morbid curiosity. What lies behind those gypsy eyes is as eerie and enigmatic as any mystical reality can be. Who you were in past lives is more prevalent than who you are in this one, for ages of wisdom and practice comprise your purpose. I know nothing of the places you have been or the supernatural things that you see. I will never fully understand you. But this does not stop me from loving you, my Voodoo Priestess.

Your smoke smells sweeter than any love potion. Your passion burns brighter than any star. I am enthralled by your magical nature. You sift through the sands of time as if the universe were your filter; exponential knowledge resides in your tongue as a result. Your lips house the poison to which your words become nectar as they roll over them. My mere human nature is no match for your persuasion, Voodoo Priestess. From the day you chose me, I became better than all the rest. Servitude to a goddess places one above free mortal men. I am your slave with no choice in the matter. Nevertheless, I bask in my duty, for the love you give me is otherworldly. I hear angels in your voice when you speak as you command demons to do your bidding. Solomon built a temple with them in preparation for your reign as queen of all that stems from the genesis. Indeed, the power of these things is far beyond my  comprehension. Yet, the fear of the unknown cripples only my desire to be without you. The more you stupify my mind, the more power you force me to behold, the more I want you so, Voodoo Priestess.

Blood is your currency. Sacrifice is your law. I am required to give you both these things not knowing what shall become of me. I have released more people I loved dearly than I can count. Only a few drops of crimson remain coursing through my veins. You have exsanguinated me. You have curved my will to exist independently towards your favor, forever bending the path of destiny before me into damnation. Regardless, I love you still, Voodoo Priestess. Every incantation, every idol, every curse you cast buries me deeper into your arms. My soul is no longer mine. Possession of it I transfer to you. And I beg, Voodoo Priestess, that you carry me through the windows of time and space, allowing me to resurrect with you each rebirth. I ask to be allowed to serve you for all eternity. Let me bathe in your love forever as I seek the answers to the questions I long to know born of my morbid curiosity. Permit me to dissolve my fear through understanding of your immensely powerful, magnetic existence. Pour yourself into me, Voodoo Priestess. Fill me with your grandeur. Absorb my spirit. Show me there is a difference between the fear and love which comes from being together with you. Show me.