"Understanding Another"

by C. Ikpoh

No individual can "completely" understand another. However, one can "truly" understand another person.


To completely understand an individual would require one to know the other individual's entire being; being having the definition of a person's body, soul and spirit. When you account for the innumerable variables of life, it is impossible to fathom the body's -- both the conscious and the subconscious, as well as the physical -- experience as it manifests or will manifest. We can only study the past manifestations.


To completely understand an individual, one must also know the other individual's soul. This means a person must understand the license of another which was given to them at the point of creation. The person must know every part of the other individual's existence since its inception. This is impossible as well.


However, a person CAN completely know one aspect of an individual, and that is their spirit. The spirit is the blueprint of a being's essence. It is who they are at heart. When a person is in tune with their own spirit and the spiritual world around them -- the latter better known as reality -- they can perceive an individuals true nature. The same can be achieved from two spirits having extensive interaction and exposure to one another, creating a bond between the two. Thus, a person can come to know the true nature to an individual.


To summarize why it is impossible to know a person completely, one can never because they do not have the ability to fully know the individual's body or soul. However, as was previously stated, a person can truly understand another. This is because, as was also previously stated, one can know the essence of an individual through their spirit.


Ultimately, in this world we live in, this fact does not hinder our quality of life or interactions, for truly understanding another person is all that matters.