by C. Ikpoh

Understanding, while paramount in the human existence, is the thinnest of barriers between two attracting forces. It is merely a veneer, barely hiding the undeniable drawing both sides together. One recognizes themself in the other on a level that is uncharacteristically deep for two separate entities that come from different places. How could both possibly relate? How could both possibly connect, let alone with such magnetism?

One thinks it has to be a mistake; a symptom of deprivation from what it has bound itself to. The other thinks the understanding is too unfamiliar to their own habitual infatuations. Yet, the two have departed on a collision course for something that looks to be beautifully disastrous. There is glory inside the anticipation as well, for either paradise awaits their first moment of connection, or a combustion to crumble all foundations will occur. Flames of unbridled understanding will melt the walls of trepidation and doubt as guilt will be peeled from the surface of dual consciences. Will the understanding be of heaven or hell?

One is highlighted in all the ways of a vision. Its symmetry is flawless. There is no part of it that is not a testimony to creation. It was made to initiate a reaction. The laws of nature command the other to do so. Willingly or unwillingly, the other complies with immediate eagerness - exuding its radiancy in unparalleled magnitude - as both cannot deny inherently driven actions. The understanding is unwritten programming deep within the entities. The consequence as such brings about a proverbial metaphor: a flip of the coin of fate. The thumb is the chaos of variables underlying reality. As the coin flips, the air breathes destiny into each rotation, and when it lands, an understanding is revealed.