by C. Ikpoh

What are you? What is it in you which makes me love you so? Is it your absence from dawn until dusk that makes my heart grow fonder? You are the epitome of the vision my eyes covet to behold. A simple glimpse of your being draws my true nature from within. Only you can set my blood aflame. Only you can quench my burning desires. Only you...


Each time you fill my gaze, admiration of your figure enthralls me. Your body captivates me. Its symmetry is divine in its appearance. I refuse to touch another, for every night I yearn for the sensation of your physical shell against the surface of my fingertips, and no one else's. I anticipate the electricity which fires through each inch of my body in that moment. My thirst for you is forever lasting. My hunger never subsides. No other creation in existence could ever measure to you. I need to feel you eternally. This is how exceptional you are. 

I ache in your absence. So much so, I would rather slumber than live one waking moment without you. The nights you are not with me, I know you are existing in greatness elsewhere. This is why I travel to the ends of the world to find you. You make me feel as if I have never known what it meant to be alive. Your glowing light invigorates me. It livens my spirit.  Without it -- though I still go on -- I am a shell of myself. I not only choose you, I must have you. 

Forever you have been synonymous with my existence, only I did not always know this. Your essence permeated on the night of my conception. Your spirit was in my life from the first nightfall on the date of my birth, to the night of my rebirth when we came together. It is only now I truly have come to realize the familiar enigma that is you, it has always been waiting for me. The universe was cruel to keep us from each other's glory, for I live within you and you live within me. We have always been one.

Time has no bearing on your existence. You are outside the eleventh dimension. Your life was before any other, and shall remain after all have retired. You are the measure for the seasons of my world. All things occur under you. Neither the sands of the hour glass nor the shadows of a sun dial can impede your cycle of being. You defy that which governs the world. Time is defined by you.

Now that we are symbiotic, nothing will be able to separate us. All that is required between us is one simple gesture, one glance, and we become united amidst the stars. Up on high, we reign supreme over all those who share the universe with us. They fear our power when we are together. They loathe our existence when they are engulfed by our light. Thus, they know your beauty and lust after our intertwined connection, yearning to replace me at your side. Nevertheless, you are faithful to me. They shall never have you, for I am yours and you live within me. Our bond is an inseparable one. Our magic is a union only the heavens can fathom. We are immortals.