by C. Ikpoh

Lilith felt something in that moment, and the feeling was more powerful than any other she ever experienced. The man's eyes directed at her exuded an insidious nature. Behind them lied all that was wicked and unrighteous in the world. His presence was cold, making frigid all that was near him. Nevertheless, Lilith could not resist being drawn to the man. Her attempts to resist only bore a greater desire. Passion erupted inside of her. The mere thought of the moment his fingertips would make contact with her skin rifled her lust into another dimension. Lilith never knew such pleasure existed, and certainly not from simply laying eyes on someone for the first time. Alas, she stood perplexed; attraction and fear presided in her spirit as it screamed that she should flee, for engaging this man would present a dire dilemma. After a few quick moments, she decided to heed the warning. However, when Lilith went to leave, her foot remained firmly planted on the ground. Lilith seemingly forgot how to walk. She pondered, "Could this be I want to kiss the rider on his pale horse?"

The man did not hesitate in the moment of contemplation at hand. He advanced, shrouding her in his icy presence, chilling her heart with the same frozen waters keeping Lucifer captive in the deepest circle of Hell. He smiled slightly, which revealed the whitest of teeth, full in density and perfect in proportion and shape. Never before had Lilith seen such a glorious grin. As her eyes assimilated into his, Lilith's heart raced with a coupling of fear and excitement. Finally, upon reaching her, the man said in a velvet smooth baritone voice, "Hello, I am Alexandru. And you are?"