"The Sun, the Moon and the Stars"

by C. Ikpoh

The life-giving essence of God is solar. It not only nurtures us, but also protects us. The angels' vigilance is cosmic. When night falls and we are exposed from underneath the blanket of the sun's divinity, the sky reveals our twilight defenders. Michael is lunar and his companions are stellar. The night displays their fight within the eternal battle as the fallen mimic shooting stars rocketing towards their damnation, as once did their predecessor: the Morning Star. Each evening as the solar fades, the dark creeps in to replace it. Hell's minions patiently wait for God's presence to depart. With every inch of dissipated sunlight, the damned continue to progress their war against the righteous. The blackness of the abyss seeks to overpower the solitary beams of light by surrounding and separating them. This, however, is to no avail. Michael shines brightest, fighting vigorously while staving off the wicked's most aggressive, abundant efforts. At times, part of him may indeed be swallowed by the damned. Yes, this occurrence has been visible to all throughout the ages. However, even the slightest sliver of Michael's light shall forever remain, as it has been since the beginning of time. Michael shall eternally dominate evil in God's name.

The other angelic protectors remain steadfast and secure, continuing the defense of God's people until the holy light returns bringing dawn upon us. And yet, it is at this moment we experience our darkest hour. Lucifer and his minions desperately attack with a heightened fervor. Nevertheless, the solar drives them away with an intense righteousness. The Morning Star always remains, though, battling as long as possible, fueled by an intense hatred. Only the conduit of the solar light can force his departure. The median between both worlds is what transfers God's essence, allowing the angels, as well as us, to experience and channel a divine power of unparalleled magnitudes in such ubiquity. This conduit is none other than the horizon; an eternal veil the eye can never escape. The horizon is Christ our Lord.

When He brings the grace of solar essence upon Lucifer, the same energy used to create him reveals his original form. The brightest shining star emerges, able to glow even in the sun. Yet, since it is a false light no longer existent, it too is driven asunder. The Morning Star advances forward to rejoin the fallen in the everlasting war against the righteous, perpetuating the spiritual conflict that is to bring about the apocalypse. Alas, the sky conceals our fate. Behold the heavens!

Just beneath them, the battle for our souls rages on. The omnipresent essence of God was here before all and shall remain after. The light spells our existence, defining our life force and nature. Still, even when we are removed from glory, the Lord's servants gallantly abide by honor and righteousness. Their efforts are never failing. Our ability to rest lies within the success of their endeavors versus the wicked. Regardless of the Morning Star's persistence against the natural order mandated by God, and defiance of all things good, he shall remain defeated until the end of time. Our world exists under the battlefield of the spirits. The horizon translates our salvation. All is as it has been decreed by the Most High, as our lives are defined by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.