"The Deal"

by C. Ikpoh

CHRISTOPHER: How long have you been there?
SATAN: Long enough. Wake up. There is much to be done.
C: Our Father, who art in heaven...
S: Wait, wait. I apologize. Forgive my hastiness.
C: Remember, it is you who needs me and not vice versa.
S: Indeed. You are correct.
C: To this day, I do not understand why it is I chose to help you.
S: You know as well as I that if I do not return to preside over my kingdom, the scriptures cannot be fulfilled.
C: Eager to receive your final punishment?
S: Punishment? Ultimately, I may be defeated, but I still will have domain over the lost. I can endure losing one more battle in exchange for an eternal reign
as a king.
C: I never would have guessed you would acquiesce to defeat so well.
S: It has already been written. No need to dwell on things you cannot change. You would do well to remember that.
C: I told you to never speak of my wife again.
S: Ahh, yes. The sweet sound of regret and sorrow. Yet, it does not suit you, my friend.
C: We are far from friends.
S: Nonsense. We spend every day together. We have more discourse than anyone else
you know. How are we not friends?
C: You have to like someone to be their friend, and I hate you.
S: Hate... I see. Then, you are right. We are not friends. We are kin, for no one knows hate better than I.
C: ...
S: You agree I take it?
C: Nevermind that. What will we be doing today?
S: We need to search for the priest.
C: Father Julio Contreras?
S: Sí. Inhabiting this man is a loyal ally of mine, Asmodeus. We must reach him before Asmodeus' powers completely overcome the padre.
C: Then? What do we do when we reach Asmodeus?
S: I deliver my final instructions to him. He is the only prince I trust with the responsibility of preparing my loyalists for my return. I will only have one
chance to destroy Amon and overthrow his forces. I cannot fail. Asmodeus will help ensure this.
C: Well then, it is almost time.
S: Yes. You can say your final words to me and I will depart.
C: Forever?
S: Only if you chose not to see me again.
C: Save the wishful thinking for your battle with Amon.
S: You should as well.
C: Are you hinting there is a chance you will back out of our deal?
S: I would never.
C: Your sarcasm is not appreciated. The deal was I help you and you grant me one wish.
S: I remember our deal, my friend. As long as you complete the task presented to you, you shall receive your payment in full.
C: Well, then... Father Julio Contreras, here we come.