by C. Ikpoh

Today my star shone upon me. She was awe inspiring; perfect in our moment. She smiled with a stellar beauty lifting me off my feet. Mortality slain, I became immortal as I walked on the moon as a god above men. Sights never before imagined were beheld by my eyes. One simple glimpse of my star's light empowered me to leave an indelible print on the immaculate lunar surface. Who I became, where I journeyed, what I was able to achieve, was all because of her.


I gazed down on Earth while it displayed its incredible blue magic. Yet, amidst this sight was an even greater and unparalleled phenomenon. The glimmer in the eyes of my star pierced the atmosphere, melting my heart through space and time. Her vision was upon the sky. It was I, though, who in staring down towards her, was looking at the heavens. My goddess was calling me home, and home I went. Descending from orbit, I ascended into a high never before felt. My star delivered me the moon. She delivered me the universe through immortality. I grasped a galaxy of paradise all from her smile. She will forever be my star.