"Searching II"

by C. Ikpoh

All over, I am searching. I have scent but no sight, feeling without hearing. Tasting... the essence of Searching. Nevertheless, before long the scent and the feeling are gone. It is an eternal game, for the closer I become with smell and touch, the farther I become with sight and sound. I only receive a small portion.


Unbeknownst to myself, this game never ends. A mere second of Searching will separate us again. Forever I have longed for the prize despite whether I can have it or not. Searching consumes me. My mental pushes through versions of coping sanity. I am a piano with no sound for thee who loves its music. Searching replaces my purpose. I must follow my new destiny.


The intuitive breeze whispers secrets Searching hides so well. It confides in me that the closer I get, the closer I am to the end. For once I obtain the prize, everything will be all over, and what I clutch will not have the sweetness promised to me. But how can this be possible?! A thirsty thirst, a hungry hunger, an aching ache, a firey fire, a pressuring pressure; they all will be left unsatisfied, unaided and unappeased. How is this possible?


Searching consumes me even more now. The scent and the feel, they both bring me the sight, the sound... they bring me the taste of Searching. I cope with the sanity of an insane pursuit. My muted piano, you play songs of an inaudible music. How can this be? You are my purpose. You are my ambition. I indulge in the journey along your trail.