by C. Ikpoh

Let us pray.


Lord, I pray you forgive me for my transgressions. I pray You fully and completely enable my spiritual strength. I pray my words will resonate far throughout the spiritual realm; that my words cause trembling in the deepest pits of damnation, dropping every unbearable boulder waiting to burden my existence towards the ground, shattering them to pebbles. I pray my words will sing to the highest peaks of salvation in perfect harmony with the choir of angels. May Your Spirit freely operate in me and through me, so that I may be a medium for Your miracles, and may my body be a vessel for Your works. I seek absolution for these reasons. Thank you, Lord.


I walk through the valley in the shadow of death, and I drudge through the tar pits of my soul. Black liquid glues itself to my feet. Every step is more laboring, creating thick strands of sin stretching from the grounds of hades. It tries to immobilize me, to allow the devil's kiss to take my breath away. Yet, I still survive. I endure. I am able to because of You. Praise Your name! Hallelujah!


Without You Lord, I am nothing. I can achieve nothing. It is through You all things are possible. You give me more than light in the darkness. You give me Your eyes to see IN the darkness. As my mind is tormented by the demons I have inherited, You bring me peace only You can. You give me a renewed mind. You are my comfort through the pain as You wrap me in the warm embrace of Your essence. My skin is serenaded by the song of Your love. I am at ease.


Even though the secular world belongs to the enemy, You continue to guide me through endless battlefields. Barbwire created by the forked tongues of liars and deceivers shall not entangle me. Landmines placed by the betrayers and traitors shall not destroy me. Bullets from the murderous shall not pierce me. Faith in You has hardened my skin, making it invulnerable. You have given me the gift of discernment. I am immune to the venom of the snakes' speech. Hallelujah!


As I embark on my quest for righteousness, You have kept me guided, walking right beside me. The path to Your kingdom is paved by glory and honor, all of which is Yours. Nevertheless, the demons grip my ankles, dragging my body in the dirt. Their presence is constantly symbolized by the dust clouds they create, masking our footprints. My limbs wither to nothing as I cannot drag them anymore. Thus, as the dust settles, emerging is a singular set of tracks. When one may believe You have abandoned them upon this revelation, I know the footprints are Yours as you carry me. You have shed my shackles, which inhibited my stride. No more dust, and no more restrain.


There are no words that can describe You. Your existence is unfathomable. I cannot begin to conceive Your plan, Your wisdom. Lord, You are the all powerful, the omnipotent, the all knowing, one true God. Your logos is bestowed upon the righteous. From this, I dream visions of crystal prism palaces emanating rainbow beams of light as Your grace shines through all. The wonders of Your existence I cannot describe. You truly are magnificent God.


I worship You, Lord. I love You. I adore you. Hear my prayer as a testament to my faith and devotion. Hear my praise. I give you all honor and glory for everything You have blessed me with, Lord. Please, hear my prayer. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.