"Parts of a Person"

by C. Ikpoh

The person is made up of three parts. They are what defines you, and mastering them is the key to true life. These parts are the spirit, the soul and the body. 

The first part is the spirit. This is one of the two immortal parts comprising you. Your spirit was created first and it can never be destroyed. It is the blueprint to your entire being. Who you are and why you are is all embedded in it. In other words, individuality is your spirit in its purest form. And when your time comes to an end, only your spirit shall remain. It is the vale between the living and the deceased.

The next part of the person is the soul. After a spirit is created, a soul is assigned to it as an imprint of ownership for that individual. Every particle of time is recorded in it. It is the journal of your past, present and future. What you have done, what you are doing, and where you will end is all intrinsic to the state of the soul. It is a reflection of the spirit's manifestation, and though the soul is infinite as well, it ceases its purpose when your spirit finally completes your journey and arrives at its final resting place. Consequently, whoever controls the soul eternally controls the individual.

The last part of the person is the body. The spirit and soul inhabit a physical shell as the body makes your existence tangible through the conscious and subconscious mind. It is your temple and vessel, carrying your essence and allowing it to permeate. This fact, however, instantly contributes to the muting of your spirit as the first life experience we have is the overwhelming sensation of the flesh when birthed, making your body the default medium for self-consciousness. Therefore, since your spirit is muted, you cannot easily utilize your essence. Occasionally though, the body does feel the basic influence of essence, resulting in exhilaration. It is then the body coincides with the spirit to fractionally fulfill its purpose, as the body is meant to be an instrument facilitating the spirit's maturation during your life span. Unlike the immortal parts of you though, the body is finite. When it is time for the soul to depart and the spirit travels beyond, the body ceases to be a part of the person.

Mastering the three parts of the person is the key to true life. 

When you master the soul, you take ownership of your person. The one who masters their soul allows the spirit to be a spirit, freeing it from definitions contributed by the body's existence and path it consciously and subconsciously takes.

Mastery of the body allows your spirit to emerge. It is no longer controlled by carnal temptations or biological restraints. Mastery of the body also creates an optimized vessel and temple, helping you realize your unlimited potential, as well as facilitating unlimited access to the secrets of the universe long

Most important though, is mastery of the spirit. This is essentially mastering your own divinity. With mastery of the spirit, you enter immortality. The soul no longer binds the spirit to the probabilities of chance involving the final judgment lying ahead, for mastery of the spirit is intrinsically righteous and brings absolute freedom. This mastery also allows us to transcend the body forever. No longer muted, the spirit can control life and death.

In conclusion, I beseech you to master the parts of your person.