"My everything"

by C. Ikpoh

MY QUEEN. You are my ruler. Your strength and existence emboldens me to face each day stronger than before. I live to provide you with wealth in all the things life has to provide. All that I do, I do to serve you.


MY WIFE. You are the soul of this family and of this home. I am as great a man as I am because you are the one in my corner. As my inspiration, you motivate me to move mountains to release heaven on earth. Forever I vow to be, because not even the afterlife shall see us apart.


MY LOVE. You are my heart. It beats solely because of the gift you bestowed upon me when you allowed my world to revolve around you. You are the object of all my true affections, desires and passions. All other love pales in comparison to what we share. Without it, I would be a shell of the man I am. May death fall upon my crown before I live one moment with your absence.