"My Deepest Sympathy"

by C. Ikpoh

All glory and honor is yours, heavenly Father. I love You, worship You and adore You, Lord. It is through You all things are possible. I pray for the guidance and strength to perform this interview competently, and to complete it unscathed by the enemy. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


LUCIFER: You ask me the same question you ask your god.
C: Our God.
L: He abandoned me long ago.
C: Was that, in so much, not your decision?
L: Was I ever given an option?
C: We all have options.
L: This was my destiny. It was my fate, flesh bearer.
C: To be eternally damned?
L: I am eternally damned? Ha! That is far from the truth.
C: What is the truth then?
L: I am master of my own world, the god of myself, the manipulator of pride and father of all sin. I possess your world in my grasp.
C: The truth... hmm... do you not speak your own version of the truth?
L: It is you, my friend, who knows me. Am I speaking false truths?
C: You have seemed to misplace the direction of your answer. My query was...
L: I enjoy our time together, Christopher. The same sentiments are shared by my subjects. I must know, why the inquisition?
C: The notion you shall never have peace is upsetting. You shall never have righteousness. You shall be void of love's embrace, glory's warmth and salvation's kiss forever. That reality must be painful.
L: You speak as if you fully realize my existence. I was unjustly condemned. I have been stripped of these things, and for what? Because I would not bow to your ancestors?!
C: No, because you made the decision to lead your brothers and sisters away from righteousness towards war.
L: God was my best friend, my protector, my provider, my reason for existing. God was my everything... and then He left me... alone...
C: God did not leave you, Lucifer.
L: It is Satan.
C: No. I am speaking to the fallen angel, not the devil. I am speaking to Lucifer.
L: ...
C: Now, my retort to your previous statement. No such abandonment or betrayal was committed. It was your pride which made you believe three things.
L: My pride is all I have now. My pride has never left me. My pride is what I love more than anything or anyone else. It has birthed the spirit of my kingdom.
C: Is it not too late to pray for forgiveness? Must you continue to perpetuate this pain?
L: It is neither too late nor too early. Time does not exist but only in the minds of men.
C: Then do so! I shall pray with you. For He once was your best friend, your protector, your provider, your reason for existing. Is not the prodigal son to return according to the scriptures?
L: Your scriptures are man made. Distorted. Manifested by MY influence to convolute the simple truths they contain. 
C: If that is the case, then your eternal damnation spoken of in them is also distorted and convoluted. You were once a magnificent creation of God. Maybe, just maybe, you can be once again.
L: Is this your purpose? To lead me back to your god?
C: My purpose is to love God, to serve God, and to do God's will. I am to also love and respect all of God's creations. You are one of God's creations. Your past saddens me.  Shall I not pray and want salvation for my enemy as I am instructed to?


L: You know why I smile now? This reflection in the mirror of truth has been covered for countless ages. You are indeed a friend, a righteous friend. Until we meet again. 

C: May the reflection of truth be eternal.