"Love in Her"

by C. Ikpoh

She brings about in me all the emotion I can muster.
At this time in my love is when my heart flutters.
To lie next to her and look upon her beauty,
Makes me want to fulfill passionate duties.
To love and honor her until the day I die,
And until that day, keep tears from her eyes.
To hold her up when she is trying to get by,
Yes, I will be there when on me she must rely.
Her deep, soulful eyes calm my inner storm.
A kiss from her lips makes a high form.
Her skin is so soft and smooth it adheres,
To how perfect she is and why I love her so dear.
When she touches me, my spirit sings with joy,
And my soul records every ounce of love employed.
Her voice is harmonious with angelic choirs.
The same as her laugh; it is contagious and inspires.
Her walk seduces me with each and every step.
Thus, when I say goodbye, my happiness cannot be kept.
Her scent allures all my strength and devotion.
Made weak, I succumb to her emotions.
She is a lady so sweet, her taste is incredible,
With a love so strong, her heartbeat is legible.
Now you see why I care for her so.
There is nothing but love behind us, with nothing but love to go.