by C. Ikpoh

Indulge yourself in me. All that I am, let that be your motivation; let me be your satisfaction. Insert what I have to give inside your heart and let it move you. Embrace every part of me as if your life depended on it. Breathe in my aura and make me your oxygen.


Euphoria awaits you inside my arms, as inside my arms is where you will find your home. I was created to serve you. I live to be here for whatever you may need or desire. Use me for everything you must and then some. I implore you. Allow me to fulfill my destiny, and supplement your life with as much happiness as God has intended. Go beyond that which is humanly possible and live off of my love alone.


Ecstasy is inescapable amidst our bond. Consume what you know is real, what is abundant through me in ways no one else can provide. Lower your guard, invest in us, and do not be afraid. I am of a singular mind: to make you know you are the goddess of all women. Invite this into your world, and you will reign on high for the rest of your days. I can guarantee this, for I wholeheartedly believe in the definition of my purpose. The afterlife shall see you carried to the highest levels of paradise from the momentum given to you by my love in this world. Let me be your engine for that journey. Ride me past the clouds, the moon, the stars and the angels. Let my fuel bring you to immortality through new life. You are deserving of nothing less than what I have to give, and what I have to give is unparalleled, for it is ordained by a higher power.


Your indulgence of me is fate. It is destiny, and when we embrace such, we open the universe to unforeseen and unimaginable blessings. Ordinary life becomes magical. Allow me to do so while being inspired by you. Allow me to massage open the universe and have magic rain down upon us. Exist with me in a space of divine joy. Come hold my heart in your hands, and feel the rhythm you have set its beat to. Indulge in your inevitable future. Indulge in your most forbidden desires. Break free from the bondage of your loyalties to all that you believe you know, and escape with me into the wilderness of passion. Roam with me as we discover new loves and pleasures we never knew could exist in one another. I am here, and I will always be here. Let us begin the rest of our lives together, beyond the days and memories of old. Indulge in me.