"In love"

by C. Ikpoh

J: Jesus Christ. You are in love with her.
M: I wouldn't go so far as to say that.
J: Can't stop thinking about her, always wanting to be around her, a single smile or kind word can change your entire day. These are your words.

M: So.
J: So? Those are the words of a man in love.
M: If you say so.
J: I'm not saying so. You are.
M: Riiiiiight. Those were my words.
J: Were they not?
M: What's the point?
J: You are in love!
M: I would have to disagree.
J: Naturally.
M: Her and I are close friends. That's it.  Just like you and I are close friends.
J: I CERTAINLY hope not. You better not want to fuck me.
M: I don't want to fuck her.
J: Ha! Sure. Ok. Let me ask you something.
M: I don't know why you just asked for permission when you are going to ask me regardless of if I say no.
J: What do the others have to say about you and your "close" friendship with her?
M: Nothing.
J: Not one thing?
M: Nothing.
J: They are none the wiser, huh? Someone or some people are lying here. Either you and her are lying to the others about your true feelings shared, you and her are lying to yourselves about your true feelings shared, the others are lying to you and her about not knowing anything, or the others are lying to
themselves about not knowing anything.
M: That's a whole lot of people and a whole lot of lying it sounds like.
J: An entire stadium of lies to be exact, which begs the question. Is it worth it?
M: If you knew her like I do, you would have never asked that question.
J: Uh huh. I see. And if I were to have this same conversation with her? How would that go? Similar?
M: To be honest, I don't know. Probably not.
J: And why is that?
M: She is a stronger person than I am, and she can control her feelings better.
J: So why allow anything to happen?
M: Because, when "IT" happens, you don't fight it. You just let the magic flow.
J: Magic? I see.
M: Do you, now?
J: I see you are exposed. You are setting yourself up for more hurt and frustration in dealing with her than you've already told me about.
M: I have faith I can trust her with the power she holds.
J: You said this morning she abused that power just earlier today.
M: Well, no one is perfect.
J: I'm telling you...
M: I know, and I appreciate your concern. She isn't perfect. She doesn't always do what's right or what's fair. She hides feelings and doesn't operate the
same way or with the same respects I do. But she is who she is.
J: And you love her.
M: Exactly. I have love for her. Doesn't mean I am "IN" love with her.
J: Just because the sky is still lit, doesn't mean the sun hasn't passed the horizon.
M: When the day comes the sun sets on the both of us, I pray the rest of the world is still lit and a rainbow brightly shines from what we had.
J: Ha! Being in love has turned you into a poet.
M: I'm no Robert Frost by any means. You only become that great amen you are "IN" love.
J: Fair enough. Shouldn't take long I suspect.
M: Whatever.