"i am becoming"

by C. Ikpoh

Who are you? Better yet, why are you? Why is your existence ever so mesmorizing? Why are you here in my life? Everday, I feel your presence. Your eyes glance my way and brush my inner most sensations. I fear eye contact, for I may never be able to seperate my gaze from yours. Surely, feelings so powerful must be forbidden. Therefore, you must not know my feelings. I will not allow you to perceive the hints of attraction I cannot control. The hints of attraction I do not want to control. Beautiful stranger, you manipulate me without knowing. I am becoming captivated.

You permeate allure; deep inhalations stimulate my core. I fantasize about your lips slowly peeling off of mine, stealing back all the warmth and passion they injected. I long to let the ends of your hair stroll along my fingertips. To be this close to you... oh, beautiful stranger, to be so close. Do you not know what you do to me? I am becoming lost in your essence.


The energy you generate is more powerful than any force this universe can fathom.  When we are near, it encapsulates my surroundings. The kinetic flow between us is tangible. I dare not reach to grasp it though, for fear any interruption will sever our connection. Thus, I remain drawn to you from a perfect distance. I am becoming your gravity.


There is a mystery to who you are, as your purpose is a most wondrous enigma indeed. The complexity of your presence massages my curiosity. You beg a perennial inquiry which has never been answered. Yet, you provide an unparalleled ecstacy in the quest for a solution to your cryptic riddle. For this reason, I seek to always chase the answer but never obtain it. I am becoming hedonistic.


Where is the future for you? For myself?  For us? Does it lie together? Shall I be allowed to follow my senses and steal a kiss, to absorb your being, and to be forever satisfied? I ponder these thoughts as I most certainly am becoming yours, beautiful stranger.