"halloween iv"

by C. Ikpoh

"Murder Mystery in Arkansas" 

updated 6:22 AM EDT 10.22.14 

By Tracy Warton and Sarah McPhearson, CNN


- While the nation is reeling from the threat of Ebola invading our borders and spreading from state-to-state, sparking an epidemic, the town of Buckner is terrified from a much deadlier threat. It's mortality rate is higher than the aforementioned virus, killing 100% of the people it comes into contact with. It's selective as well, leaving no pattern or predictability to where it may strike next. Information about it is limited, and the experts who handle these types of situations are at a loss. Every other day this month a new person is found dead, and sometimes there are multiple deceased discovered. However, it is not a disease that is killing people. It is the focal point of a little-known federal investigation here in the United States. The name of the killer is Adrian Kane.


One of the smallest towns in the US, Buckner virtually seems hidden from the world. It is located in Arkansas, and appears to be this year's choice for Adrian Kane to continue his reign of terror. With a population of less than 300, this murder spree has left an enormous gap in their community, with an even bigger gap between the residents and their safety. Six have already been found dead in the month of October, Kane's month of choice every seven years to re-engage his serial killing activities.


Little is known about Adrian Kane. What the FBI does know is that he once was a young pastor of a small church in Betonia, MS. A peculiar fact is associated with this piece of intel, however: Adrian Kane disappeared in 1937. His congregants are recorded as stating that leading up to his disappearance, the pastor became obsessed with mystical scriptures of Gnostic origins about King Solomon from biblical times. He would often deviate from his standard sermons and begin discussing the Seal of Solomon, also known as the Ring of Solomon. As detailed in the Jewish Kabbalah, medieval Islam, and modern Western Occultism, this ring gave Solomon the power to command demons, genies, and speak with animals. Then, in October 1937, Kane went on a pilgrimage to Israel and never returned.


Seven years after his disappearance, Kane was suspected to have been spotted in Betonia during late October speaking to a jackal. That night, a person was murdered in their home. There was no sign of forced entrance, and no evidence the victim knew Kane was in their home, as they were slain in bed with the covers and sheets seemingly undisturbed. Above the body on the ceiling and drawn in blood, there was the Shield of David - a six point star better known as the Hebrew symbol, the Star of David - encircled. This sign is commonly associated with the Seal of Solomon.


Since that night, every seven years murders have taken place across the country during the month of October with the Seal of Solomon left behind, drawn in blood, over the bodies of the victims. The FBI, in conjunction with the CIA and Israeli government, have been working in cooperation for decades since 1937, as similar murders began occurring every seven years in October near Jerusalem by a man who has been identified as Adrian Kane. In all sightings, the person depicted is seen talking to a jackal.


The common belief amongst the government entities is that this is the work of multiple members from a Satanic cult, though all evidence and eye witness testimony gathered over the last 77 years is contrary to this conclusion, pointing to one man. Outside of evidence gathered at the crime scenes from recent murders, the FBI and CIA are said to have no other leads at this time.