"Halloween III"

by C. Ikpoh

AP Top Headlines


"Flesh-eating disease accelerates to Postmortem Cerebrophagic Syndrome"
Tues, 30 Oct 2012 01:59:43 GMT


Human cellular researchers at the CDC are calling it "Postmortem Cerebrophagic Syndrome" (PCS). However, scientists have no clue where it came from or how it came to be. Tossing aside all the contemporary mythological musings concerning inaccurately labeled cannibal attacks stemming from BK-MDMA aka Methylone bka "Bath Salts", PCS is a lethal reality.


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a typically tolerated New York City nuisance has become a vicious reminder of past national healthcare emergencies: disease carrying rats. Hundreds of gallons of water have flooded the subways, forcing the subterranean vermin to relocate topside. Numerous homes have been invaded by the evicted rodents, and at least one human-rat encounter resulted in a man named David Kim being bitten. Four hours later, he found himself in an emergency room writhing in pain. The doctors were at a loss, as David Kim's symptoms rapidly progressed, leading to an official time of death at 12:01 a.m. CDT today. Confounded, the doctors had CDC human cellular specialists flown in immediately to exam the cause of the David Kim's perplexing disease.


A few hours after arriving, the CDC specialists began making some headway. They identified a flesh-eating bacterium as the main cause of death. It attacked and made David Kim's skin and internal organs, including the brain, become decrepit, eventually deteriorating them to almost that of a rotted corpse. However, the scientists would next make a discovery more startling than the first. The man pronounced dead only hours earlier miraculously revived. A CAT scan of his brain showed activity in the cerebellum, which controls voluntary movement and motor skills, and the release of the chemical ghrelin, which induces the feeling of hunger. Live streaming PAX imagery confirmed their findings. David Kim is theoretically said to have the ability to walk and starve.


The human cellular researchers, clamoring to provide an explanation, gave the medical conundrum the title of PCS for their first unofficial release of information after being pressured by David Kim's family for answers. No other details have been able to be obtained, other than the US military has been called in to help prep the transport of his corpse to the CDC headquarters for more tests and observation.


In a morbid twist, some hospital staff are said to have seen David Kim roaming about extremely sluggishly while posting a flatline reading on the heart monitor. Those sightings are not yet confirmed, and hospital executives, along with US military press representatives, have vehemently denied such accounts.