"halloween ii"

by C. Ikpoh

BBC World News - Central America


Mexico City, Mexico - Mexico City doctors are reporting a confounding occurrence in the case of five week old Roberto Yanez. Roberto suffers from Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome - a genetic defect caused by the deletion of the distal short arm of chromosome 4. Typically, the defect manifests as physical deformations and heart problems, causing most of those born with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome to die during their infancy. However, in the instance of Roberto Yanez, this has been far from the case.


Roberto was born three months prematurely while his mother, Maria Yanez, was conducting a tour of the famous Mayan ruin site, Chichen Itza. Initially, doctors concluded the superficial deformities were a result of Roberto's premature birth. After further testing, they discovered he indeed suffered from Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. Roberto was transferred to American British Cowdray Medical Center in Mexico City.  It was there, five weeks later, the unexplainable occurred.


At 6:41 a.m. while under close observation, Roberto Yanez's heart monitor flatlined. Nurses and doctors rushed to save him. In the midst of resuscitating Roberto, a very unusual occurrence transpired. Doctors described the event as a "spontaneous transformation". Roberto began growing hair over his entire body. His limbs, digits, and nose elongated. Roberto's heart rate began racing as his body temperature rose to fatal heights near 108 degrees. Then, as soon as the baffling events began, they ended. Roberto's heart rate leveled, his body returned to that of a normal five week old baby, and he slept silently.


Roberto Yanez is currently still under close observation at American British Cowdray Medical Center.