by C. Ikpoh

BBC News Update: October 31, 2011


A grave robbery in the Abuja area of Nigeria -- a West African country -- has the residents of the country's capital in an uproar. Reports say police officers first received a complaint on October 24, which detailed a vagabond loitering around a local Abuja cemetery with a "menacing" aura. The individual was not found upon the arrival of two police officers. Amidst their search, however, they discovered an empty burial plot which displayed signs of vandalism. The main item reported missing: the body that previously inhabited the grave.


The plot belonged to famed high chief and suspected juju* practitioner, Nnemeka Obayomi. On October 26th, two days after the initial sighting, many livestock and other animal carcasses were discovered completely exsanguinated. This was followed by the discovery of more drained animal bodies on October 27th. However, it was not until the night of October 28th that the first human body was found. It, like the animals, was exsanguinated as well. Many residents of Abuja are beginning to speculate Nnemeka Obayomi has risen from the grave as a demon to live off the blood of the living. He was last suspected to have been seen at the Abuja airport, though there is no evidence of such an occurrence. The body of Nnemaka Obayomi has yet to be found, and the Abuja police currently have no leads.


*Juju is a form of voodoo practiced in Nigeria and has been around for centuries.