"gypsy eyes iii"

by C. Ikpoh

There exists no time or space between your eyes and mine. Continuously, I am enveloped by the magnetism you exude through them. Drawn in  completely, you devour my soul as I lie motionless, welcoming your carnivorous love. All I have to give is yours. I do not reject the mysticism that is your affection, for I understand it. Through the centuries, you have thrived off the spiritual energy of men. They have obsessed with your aura since the Dark Ages when your eyes were the only illumination in existence. The ocular power beheld in them makes sinners out of saints. Will you turn me? Will you make me yours? I offer my sanctity to you and only you. Gypsy Eyes, you are my relished damnation.
There exists no time or space between your eyes and mine. The waves inside them engulf my body. Every gaze into each iris leaves me drowning in oceans never before braved. The sky reflects colors unseen to man as each crash of your waves becomes supernatural. The force pounds me into submission while the current carries me deep within. I am lost in your Bohemian sea, enchanted with the things your mind offers to display. It is pure hypnotism. No angels shall sing a song upon my disappearance. I am forever lost and forgotten as you sink me to depths darker than that of the night sky. And when the soles of my feet slowly imprint the sands of the ocean floor, I see the stars floating by within the waters of your eyes. A million tears begin massaging my senses, seducing all of my emotions. Gypsy Eyes, you are my home.
Love me, Gypsy Eyes. Lust for me. I yearn for your tender touch, for your supple skin. I yearn for your solar affection, for your lunar animosity. Hate me and only me with the eyes of Lucifer. You won them from him when he dared deny your beauty. He was no longer worthy to see after lacking faith. Permit me to stare into them for the rest of my days. I want to bear the weight of countless souls imprisoned among them. I want to be filled with their light, no matter how bright it may be. Their darkness has become a necessity. Infuse me with their magic. I beg this of you because I can no longer live without them. For too long they have existed through the veil of familiarity while their true nature has been dulled by filters of the unappreciative. I am not them. I realize their power. I acknowledge their divinity. Gypsy Eyes, you are my goddess.