"gypsy eyes ii"

by C. Ikpoh

A wonder unto us all, their existence is a sin against nature. In them lies the secrets only the wind can whisper. In them lies the fallacies told millennia ago by celestial visitors concerning our origins and creation. Where did they come from? Never has there existed an equal pair in beauty or potency. Alas, what once belonged to Lilith -- thought to be dead forever -- have returned with the life of a future untold. What are they? A spirit reveals the answer by gently rolling the words off its tongue: Gypsy Eyes.

Behind her windows, the souls of the lost gaze at the world. If you look closely, you can see them whimper in desperation, praying for salvation. The color of her eyes is the darkest of shades and the lightest of shades as well; a result of the essence exuded by the most recently devoured soul. They are unforgiving, yet, comforting. In them, the greatest love can be found. The most venomous hate can be discovered there as well. Their allure is magnified upon the seeping mist of spirits that emanate from within. Gypsy Eyes dominate your senses. Gaze upon them and become intoxicated.

They can illuminate any gloom or darken any light. Only in the presence of angels or demons are they subdued. It is in her eyes alone the magic of mankind's existence is held. Nowhere else will you find a more captivating display of humanity and mysticism co-existing. Her eyes: the thin veil between carnage and delicacy. They are the cloth draping both the divine and the damned. Equally morbid as they are live-giving, Gypsy Eyes are the beginning and the end. The genesis and apocalypse reside in them. Prolonged exposure to her stare will brand your soul, tattooing marks of tribal anarchy never to be removed. Allow her to enter your vision and she will afflict unparalleled pain in the guise of pure delight. Never has one been pierced by sharper blades and felt completely overpowered by comfort. Death becomes the most sought after rest all in her Gypsy Eyes.