"gypsy eyes"

by C. Ikpoh

Alone I walked amidst a sea of souls, each screaming for their release. My ears bled from their unavoidable cries. A quick glance and catch of their glassy windows was the only remedy -- the only remedy for their uniform agony. Then, piercing through the smog of tortured existence shone beams of augur. Mysticism of the ages filled my pupils as did the light of the brightest stars. Whose eyes were these?

She invited me in without saying a single word. No audible breath left her lips. No signs were posted relaying her name or intentions. Yet, she voiced to me through a whisper's whisper my name. With just this, I knew I needed her. I wanted her.

Drawn like a moth to a flame, her gaze was inescapable. Those eyes they - they bled the pain of worlds lost and gone. They shed tears of salt from Pangaea's oceans. Nothing I ever fixed my sight upon was more intoxicating. It was of no wonder why I felt as if I were walking through the clouds. To her I went with no beckoning call.

Her eyes were every color and no color. I knew them and they knew me. Her ancestors spoke to mine through these eyes of hers. Generations were communicating secrets long kept. Who was I to withstand these eyes of sorcery, of divinity? I refused to refuse her. She was to have me. And upon reaching her, she smiled slightly that of an angel's snarl, welcoming me into her abode.

Through the sheer veil I went, then behind another, and another. She navigated me through endless veils of time with eye contact. I knew never to break our connection. Finally, I settled upon the supple chair of comfort she provided. Next to me she sat, still opening every fiber of my soul with her gaze. Her grin reappeared, sharpening while remaining the same. The sands of time were primed to be frozen.

A voodoo trance played in my heart through the trumpets of cherubim. Our skin ignited without flame. Our spirits ascended without enlightenment. The knowledge of all worlds were exposed in her eyes. My soul was for sale and I never knew. She named the price -- the price to enter her kingdom forever. I willingly obliged with full autonomy. I had yearned to be with her since the seventh day; since Lilith swore her revenge on His image. I took her sword in hand and exacted vengeance on my own being.
As my spirit passed through her gates, a sign was posted but faced away. Unfathomable beauty and harmony sang for me to join her. As I did, feelings of unconquerable ecstasy dominated all lusts in existence. Chords of the underworld played songs of a homeland forever sought. Soon her magic became our magic. I was consumed completely. It was then I turned around and walked to the sign.
From underneath it I glanced at my origin. My face was familiar to the agonizing souls outside. My eyes were glassy and emptied of all essence. It was then I knew what the sign read. Two words defined my soul's keeper -- my spirit's master. It read "Gypsy Eyes".