"guardian angel"

by C. Ikpoh

I was birthed from her soul, and now that she is gone, a piece of my heart is missing. Yet, I know I well never be alone, for she shall always be with me. She is a breath of fresh air when she has none of her own. I am bathed in solace and tranquility by her presence even though she is not here. My fear and anxiety are erased as her bravery transcends the distance between us. Strength like hers can never die; it is the steel skeleton constructing the gateway to paradise. Alas, she emboldens me with a vigor to move forward in this world of finality. I am livened by her boldness, by her moxie. Consequently, I step with confidence. The ground beneath my feet is there without a shadow of a doubt. I owe my sure-footing to her, as well as the umbrella which shields me from the pouring rain of apathy. I feel again because of her. I believe in the beauty surrounding the fragility of purpose. There exists no greater whisper than her voice. No power exists mightier than her vigilance. The essence of love is everlasting inside me as I sleep under her watchful eye better than I ever have before, and when I awaken, I am filled with emotion by her graceful memory. It plays on as the story of my life; my future destined to reenact the cinematic portrayal of her dreams realized. Who I was resides in her shadow, and who I am grows in her spirit. She has not forgotten me and I will never forget her.

Neither time nor space can separate us. Thus, there is no reason for me to say goodbye. I merely need to look forward and speak a greeting to her now. She made an eternal journey only to return to me grander than she ever was. Therefore, I raise my head over upright shoulders -- with a proud chest housing a heart filled with love and remembrance -- while extending my hand to her before we walk side-by-side, and I inquire, "Shall we?" Indeed, we shall.