"Forbidden love"

by C. Ikpoh

You tell me the purpose of this life is love. Yet, you say I am to forgo my life with her. You show me your most perfect creation -- the singular detail which defines the essence of human existence -- the embodiment of the divinity we contain as a species. However, I am to refrain from giving myself to her. You say I am to never know her touch, that I may never share an embrace with her. Why, God of all gods, King of all kings, is this so?


Am I to never feel the gentle give of her lips as they engage my own? Shall my soul never be taken by her fingertips as they softly indent my skin? Will our hearts never beat against one another as our shells firmly press amidst being intoxicated by passion? What have I done that has allowed me to be fitted for such damnation?


Heaven profusely expresses their love for each vapor of nectar her and I omit. It is because of this I must doubt your judgment. The angels cannot withstand the force of our attraction. They topple in its presence. The flames of Uriel's sword pale in comparison to the fire that burns deep within my heart for her. How could it be a connection such as ours is forbidden? Unless...


Yes! It must be! Unfathomable to most, I understand your motivations now. You, who is infallible, has succumb to human emotion. You demand her for yourself!


Her smile has destroyed Your eternal divinity. Her womanly essence has permeated Your incomparable righteousness. You see the curves which adorn her frame and find Yourself empathizing with mankind. There is no one for You to pray to for strength to resist, and You cannot bring Yourself to destroy
her. You swore to never create anything perfect again. Nevertheless, she lives. She lives within all the glory and honor that is Your heavenly existence. Yes, I see now.


You revealed much to me about her. You told me many a thing pertaining to her. Unbeknownst to me, it was due to the birth of human nature in the Highest of the supernatural. Yet, I am not detoured, for when I first gazed upon her I swore to myself I would battle the Most High to earn her hand. I will bring down the heavens and raise the furthest depths of hell if it means her eyes will forever be locked with mine. Her hair shall wipe the sweat from my brow as I do so, invigorating me as I inhale the scent of pure passion which riddle her locks. And as she wraps her arms around me while I shrink the clouds and lakes of fire within my palms, I will give them to her as a gift solidifying our bond.


The purpose of this life is love. However, it appears forbidden love is what makes it with living.