"final words"

by C. Ikpoh

Do I have any final words? Of course I do. There is not enough time to communicate the supreme animosity I carry for this world. A person is born with an inherent right to all the promises the universe can bestow upon an individual. Instead, I am here, wrongfully accused and judged in the highest of courts within the lowest of societies. Shall the slatterns of the night be fitted for the portrait of purity as well? Indeed, no retort can be given. In the instance my insolent tone has convoluted my point, allow me to speak these words of revelation. Martyrdom shall be defined by death no more after I am gone. When the gates of righteousness open, the atrocity committed here today will absolve those who remain true to form on the side of justice, amidst the fork tongued and enchanters of the weak minded mob. Their souls shall not be required for notarization by celestial or subterranean witnesses. Let my words be inscribed in the justice petrified here today.


And you ask me do I have any final words? Huh, you make a mockery of my resolve. I shall not go quietly! I refuse the silence of the finality before me today. And you bring a man of the cloth - another mockery. I reject your offering of asylum in the hereafter, for you are an assassin! To call you a wolf in sheep's clothing is an insult to those who admire the moon, and to those who sustain them. Today, God spurns you as you have done to me. I spit on you! And as I maliciously share my salivation towards your direction, so do the angels upon your spirits. Shall they remain stained forever. Everyone engaged here today has become a thief of the worst brand. The crimson witnessed upon my flesh will seal your judgment. All present cannot escape the fate inscribed once I am gone. Thieves of the worst brand: that which takes a life not belonging to them before Mal'ak d'amot recites the final course.


My final words... YOU WILL LET ME SPEAK! I am far from finished! The audacity of injustice's concubine pales in comparison to the gall the treacherous display before me. I beg - I beg the heavens to reject my early arrival. I pray Christ consults with Vishnu about the secrets of reincarnation in multitudes, so I may return again and again and again. May I be allowed to render personal vengeance and prey upon thee! This, I must be due. And when I am reborn, I shall live 10 times over while bathing in your blood, only to be washed away by the tears of your loved ones before I finally rest. Whereupon, I will trade tales with Vishnu comparing our lives. Though I will be outdone in purposeful deeds accomplished, I will reign in satisfaction achieved through my journey.


Indeed my time has come, for you are not worthy of my presence. This world, disappointing and void of importance, is not worthy. I ponder if it is worse to face death now, or to have been forced to live amongst the barnacles known as mankind, whom are latched to the bottom of the universe's most wretched, undesirable boat floating in the abyss of debaucherous inequities. I pity you here with me. I am the champion in these here minutes of time we are passing through. No longer will I be subjected to the pain of life. No longer will I be exposed to the mutated harmony nature has been deformed to. Innocent as I am, my guilty verdict has given me salvation. The sound of the gavel did not mimic the hammer over the nail in my coffin. Yet, it was the instrument used to ring the gong of liberation. In this life, I never could receive any justice. In this life, I could never convince thee of the need for repentance. In this life, I could never have my revenge.  But after my death, every promise the universe can bestow upon a person will be mine, fulfilling my inherent right.

Yes, this must be. I see that now.


My final words are these: thank you.