"dreams from the other side"

by C. Ikpoh

I woke up this morning thirsty for the Everclear taste of the imagination, remembering my Ambien dreams of sitting atop a mountain of cocaine before diving through clouds of marijuana smoke and splashing into a sea of codine, while the LSD stars twinkled in the night sky. Who am I to not oblige them my eyes to reflect their magic? Gazing upon them as I float on my back, pores soaking in the sea around me, I go numb to the anaesthetic breeze tickling my nostrils. Slowly, I sink below to the depths of unadulterated highs, entering a new kingdom. The mermaids below breathe pure oxygen into my lungs, permeating euphoria as we pick and dine on mushrooms atop a hydro-salad while floating in the depths of tonic waters. I am living the dream of dreams from the other side of consciousness.