"Deluge into She"

by C. Ikpoh

She is sex. She is desire. She is femininity. She is my weakness. 

She is sultry. She is defined: oppressively hot and close, moist. She is defined: exciting... capable of causing extreme sexual desire. She is my ignition.

She is sinful in her tongue. She is insatiable in her eyes. She is radiance in her smile. She is my vision.

She is rhythm in her hips. She is erotic in her voice. She is intoxicating in her scent. She is my melody.

She is mystic in her ways. She is divine in how she loves. She is wicked in how she resists. She is my goddess.

She is hypnotic in her eyes. She is cerebral in her words. She is pathological in her sycophantic song. She is my psychosis.

She is fanatical in her devotion. She is carnal in her lusts. She is narcotic in my veins. She is my addiction.

She is penetration for my manhood. She is exploitation of my body. She is domination of my soul. She is my fantasy.

She is wisdom in all thoughts. She is universal in her star-matter design. She is religion to the lost. She is my faith.

Wanted a woman, but never bargained for she. Her existence continues to come... and come... and come. She is my everything.