by C. Ikpoh

Have you ever looked into the darkness? Have you ever stared at the abyss? If you do for long enough, you will notice a remarkable thing. Something is staring back at you.


It remains just beyond the reach of your vision. It lays in the recesses of the dark's shadow. However, it is not undetectable. Stare for long enough and you will feel it. You will feel it glaring at your soul.


Beyond your eye's vision it remains a mystery. It lingers in the dark, seething with hatred for the moment of light's triumphant return. Do you see it? There is no need to try hard. Simply look.


Wherever there is dark it will be. You can never escape it. When you sleep, it will inhale your essence. It retreats faster than the speed of light if you awaken before dawn. It goes back to the darkness just beyond your vision, admiring your frailty.


Reach out in the dark and its touch will remain just outside your reach. If you lay still, you can feel its presence just beyond your fingertips. Stand motionless long enough and it will move close. This is how you tempt the presence in the dark before the light emerges. Tempt it. Welcome