by C. Ikpoh

I can smell it through the skin. It is scented like no perfume ever smelt. I have needed it so bad I witnessed the color transformation during my haste. The vessel is squishy, chewy and feeble. I love the feeling its cover makes when it finally gives way after being punctured, initiating an instantaneous gush. My appetite for blood shall never be sated.


The faces of furious ancestors appear as I drink. Lost worlds and civilizations are revealed. Trials and tribulations become apparent. In my younger days, I pitied them. Now, I am disgusted, for they know not of trial nor tribulation. I am disgusted because their spirit is riddled with potential and stored graces wasting away. Alas, the woeful dish is unappetizing. Unfortunately, much of its consumption has this nature.


Sometimes disease taints the taste, and when does, I spew these beverages upon the carrier. Usually disease coincides with non-righteous or weak spirits; not my type. My palate is distinguished. For instance, virginal properties allow for a stronger spiritual connection, providing a distinct flavor because the soul has not been divided or mixed with any other. Righteous brands are savory as well. Self-righteous is bitter though. Pious is equally as delicious as devilish, for both spirits are strong and vibrant in their convictions. Loving, however, is the most delectable brand of crimson.


As with wine, aging does not bring perfection, and youth can leave it thin. Therefore, the coming of age is ripest for such a drink. This brew usually materializes around the second decade. It is thick and rich, coating the mouth like a swig of olive oil rolled around the tongue. The osmosis begins the same, with a fiery spark. The full experience, though, is new each time. Every drop is never a duplicate.


Liquid life makes me scream while it drips from my chin, "Invigorate me, oh medium of realms! Liven my inner demons and serenade my guardian angels!" It displays to my spirit Michael and Lucifer side-by-side. Yet, I am to choose neither of them, for I have chosen blood for eternity.