by C. Ikpoh

Deep inside a man sleeps an animal - a beast with a voracious appetite. There is no satisfying him. There is no quenching his thirst. What the animal needs is what he wants.


Sleeping, the animal should never be disturbed; it behooves everyone to allow the animal to rest. Nevertheless, even if left to his slumber, the animal eventually will awaken, and when he does, he will have his fill of food, drink, libations, or whatever his whimsical nature desires. There is no denying the animal. There is no stopping him.


The animal's greatest obsession, though, is his necessity for carnal pleasure. Even when the mind of the body that houses him is in total control and focused on things of a most flaccid nature, the savage creature inside will dominate the man with ease once an object of lust is chosen. Beautiful skin, supple curves, ultra femininity in her hair, in her eyes and in her aura, all serve as intense triggers to the animal's desire. She is in his sights. Her voice fuels his hunger. Pressure begins building at the base of the man's member, begging to be released to fill its course. The anticipation is unbearable. Tremors of aggression begin to vibrate the animal. He wants to penetrate the gates of that which is seemingly calling to him. His motivation leads the movement, positioning the man with the woman. Little does this animal know the woman has an animal with an equal appetite in her.


No games are played. No formalities are adhered to. The attire is discarded immediately, making way for flesh to absorb flesh. The pressure has been released, flooding the lay of the land. Panting, groping, biting, quivering exhalations, all ensue vigorously between the man and woman. Their animals have taken complete control. Saliva is exchanged while their hands become filled with body parts of the other as her body begins erupting with lust. Finally, she is ready to welcome him, and it is time for them to become one.


Their animalistic natures battle as the spirits of the man and woman return to primal origins. Then, a realization comes over the man: the animal within the woman is indeed rare. She is endangered. Her's is the rarest animal of any kind. The beast within him has met his equal, joining her's to create a sensation of majestic power that dominates while nirvana rains down from her. The carnal pleasures of the man and woman are being satisfied like never before. There, in a jungle of passion and desire, animalistic nature exists at its greatest.