"An Immortal's Prayer"

by C. Ikpoh

I vow to forever uphold these words:


I am to keep my skin cold and my heart dead. I need only that which I love; I only love that which I kill. My life is merely an existence. To know me is to know nothing. From light into the dark, and from dark into the light, I remain a shadow of this world's truths.


Nothing is above who I am or what I am. Time kneels before me, as I have walked over its sands, making me an immortal. My past, present and future are all now. The enigma of the years to come remain no more, and the mysteries within the years left behind have all been revealed. Behold the final chapter as I embark on a journey which rewrites the prophecies using crimson ink. Those lost in the scripture translations shall bow before me. Their life is my life, and I leave their death lying at my wayside.


Never shall a matter besides that of my eternal purpose take precedence to my vows. My sole responsibility shall forever remain embedded in "vein". My spirit I will master in order to earn my rightful place in eternity. I am a vessel of superiority, of higher purpose, of the new last covenant. Neither life nor death shall ever kiss me again. Neither heaven nor hell shall ever experience me. Neither angel nor demon shall ever know me. I am beyond all
comprehension. Nature has no hold over the rules of my world. The universe shall forever be attainable. My path amidst this journey is endless.


May the sounds of death become melodic and harmonious. May the moon forever remain my love. May the sun forever remain scorned. These things I vow until the last drop serves the purpose I intend, for I am an immortal.