by C. Ikpoh

We walked side-by-side, holding one another's hand. Our journey was one of secret. We did not inform the world of our love, for we knew it was powerful enough between just the two of us. We were humble, simply taking life as it came, not rushing or forcing the days. Our simple whispers of dreams and desires could have ignited the loveless. We were all the other needed, and being together was effortless. The only comparable force to the pure bliss we shared whilst together was the crippling fear of losing one other. I was made to love you, as you were me. Destiny swam in our eyes when we gazed upon our soulful windows. We fulfilled the divine fate ascribed in the angels' ledger during the dawn of time.You and I defied the conventional, standing in the face of those who could never understand what we had. Unbeknownst to us, we could not withstand time.


Though hand-in-hand, I moved at a different pace. You were always a step behind, cautious and protective, minding your next steps. I led the charge, fueled by my unbridled passion to love you, moving towards our projected future. Alas, our grip was destined to break along the way. Our separation too was fated. And now here I stand, alone in the afterlife. Everything I was as a mere man was slain once our bond was broken. Tomorrow admitted its true feelings to us. I could not escape unleashing all reservation and sprinting my spirit to the finish line, carrying my bleeding heart for you with me; the trail of life left behind to act as your guide while I wait. I watch from the end, from the afterlife. I watch you on our path, going through the stages destiny had me furiously blitz beyond. And as I once promised I will always be there no matter what, I forever will be. I shall wait for you as long as it takes. You know this. You know exactly where I am, that I am in paradise, waiting patiently for my love. Together, one day, we shall be together again. One day we will be standing side-by-side, holding one another's hand, together basking in paradise.