"a fear of understanding"

by C. Ikpoh

What is one without the other, for when nothing exists, the notion of nothingness is still prevalent. As this world matures, we fail to realize all we know and live is meaningless. Light is not light without dark, and darkness is our sight without the light. Good defines us all without evil, yet, evil is all we are without the good. Nevertheless, such is as what time has done with the exception of our genesis. There was no dichotomy present within this. One thing did not beget the other. All that was, was alone; a singular entity producing duality. Is that evidence for faith? Maybe. Perhaps it is a lesson for understanding. I believe that declaration would be more widely accepted.

The burning inquiry pestering the core of our curiosity would be answered if only we could fathom the genderless parent of the world's bi-polar state. Whether sacrilege or ingenious audicity rules these words is all in the ears of the beholder, for any beating, bleeding heart would not register them solely as communication. We are conditioned to filter each audible syllable and deposit them in one of two minds: mental or spiritual. This is where they are embraced, developing the acceptance or fear to drive their new found home. But what of the mind that reunites the two halves after processing?


A mind who renders the mental and spiritual as conjoined twins of reality displays no timidness upon the brink of discovery, regardless if that which has been found is terrifying or delightful. The peering eyes of the wicked do not phase this brand of consciousness. The embodiment of malevolence holds no power over it. All they ever are is an identifiable entity - a concept to be understood. Enlightenment of existence and faith of the Creator, whether believed to be natural or super, intertwined together are free from the threat of vile tyranny, for when you understand something in its entirety and accept it as is, you are able to manipulate or discard it without repercussion. This brand of mind is essential.


The lesser counterpart of such a consciousness as stated in the latter is riddled with fear. It does not want to understand. Ignorance is its lover. This sort of mind would rather mate with emptiness than procreate with the eternal life of truth. It is persuaded by the leeches of negative emotions. This brand of cowardly consciousness relies on the joy of freedom from any responsibility accompanying the duty of shepherding thy neighbor. An ease of the day lulls the inevitability of their final destination; an eternity of ridicule and torture awaits in the hereafter due to their willingness to be the unwilling. If they knew their fate maybe they would be emboldened to change. Yet, such a transformation is ill equipped to produce genuine fruit because the seed is hollow.


Alas, their fear only produces understanding of fear itself. Complete understanding of our duality is the only true salvation.