"A dream ii"

by C. Ikpoh

The dream was an antiquated vision. It appeared with a dichotomy of the two classic aesthetic colors: black and white. The feel of the vision was light, as if the dream were a whisper on the winds traveling between the subconscious and the spirit. Yet, it weighed heavy on my heart, and for no apparent reason it delayed the record of its details... until now.


The disturbance which resonated from this dream is pure in its wicked intentions. Unlike similar visions of the past, the attack was not aimed at me though. I do not doubt the intention was centered on whatever ongoing feud or plot I am waged in, but the pain I felt was for another. Thus, why the dream alarmed me so. This time my wife was the inflicted.


It was a pale morning. Bland white rays of light resonated through the blinds. They shone on my body while I cradled my wife in my arms. It was understood she was in peril. Unconscious and limp, she imitated death. I began to pray for her protection, for her to be saved from the curse bestowed upon her. It was then I heard a voice.


"Place your hands on her chest and speak your words," the voice said. As I did, I began sensing micro-movements in my wife's body. She was awakening. I dared not let hope creep into my mind too soon though, for it can be a deceitful emotion.


Suddenly, the movements became violent. My wife shook with tremors originating from the depths of the underworld. The hand I placed on her chest was thrown by a force of pressure. With my eyes fixated to her sternum, I sensed the emergence of something vile. What I witnessed next was horrifying.


My wife's sternum seemingly disappeared as her chest became hollow. Then, a figure shot from within her body, stretching my her skin to unnatural limits. My wife's flesh stood about a foot above her body, and outlined within the bronze latex-like surface was a demon. Its wings flapped ferociously as its head protruded in an attempt to break free from her hollowed chest. I was frozen with fear.


My heart raced as terror overcame my body. A deep pressure -- made familiar from the similar dreams of my past -- slowly ate away at my soul. We were being devoured by evil from the inside. It was then I did the only thing I knew to: spiritual instinct took control. I prayed incessantly reciting the Lord's prayer continuously without pause.


As swift as the light which penetrated the room entered, my wife and I were vaulted from the bed. Floating over the floor, we were moved from the room into another, before eventually being placed behind a counter in the kitchen. Holding my wife, I peered over the countertop as if we were surely going to be pursued by an entity. Still praying, I watched anxiously for the sight of the corner to be broken by the emergence of a shadow or figure. I was certain we were to be hunted by the dark's minions. However, we were not followed.


As soon as the realization we were safe from further attack began to settle in, the pale white light flooding the room through the windows blended with an intruding light of different origin. Momentarily blinded, I wondered what would command my vision next. Alas, it was the secular world. I had awoken from my nightmare.