"A Dream"

by C. Ikpoh

11/7/10: Tonight, I dreamed a dream of one thousand visions. What little is left of my sanity was certainly assaulted with a purpose by things beyond this world. I was targeted tonight. Of that there is no question. Amazingly enough, each time my eyes opened I saw no shadows, figures or spirits though. Yet, I felt the influence of something other-worldly.


It was a dream similar to one which tormented me before. The similarities are so: an individual foreign to me remaining absolutely silent, sitting a few feet away in distance. In addition, violent shaking of a head with the mouth opened completely, and what appeared to be a demonic groan audibly exiting, filling the air. However, as this was done before by an old woman with blackened holes replacing her eye sockets, I was the perpetrator of such actions this time. Clutching the head of the stranger from the dark corner which it sat, my shaking grew more intense as did the yelling. When the racing of my heart amplified beyond levels of comfort, I was thrust from my sleep.


As in the past during episodes such as this, the Lord's prayer looped in my mind, increasing in effect as I began whispering it to myself rather than continually reciting it in my head. Amidst repetition, external forces continued to bombard my conscious and subconscious mind with disturbing images -- corpses, blood, lost souls, hauntings, black entities, and things not from God. My body from the side of my head to my thighs randomly itched in sporadic spots. This occurred mostly on the left side, though a couple of times it occurred on my right as well. It was as if my skin were being disturbed by something.


Images and events flashed in the front of my mind just behind my closed eyelids. It was as if my spirit were journeying in and out of past events in the history of other people's lives. The visions were utterly authentic to the point I could smell the scent in the air which lingered in each place. Even as I write this, I can feel the chills overcome my body as I inhale random scents of things not present.


Without hesitation, I began talking to God and Christ as my mind continued to receive interference from the entities assault, disrupting my recital of the Lord's prayer. I asked Jesus and Archangel Michael for protection as I do each night when I lay my head down to sleep. I prayed for them to protect my daughter, my wife and myself as I began noticing their peaceful rest becoming aggravated as well. It was then a vision appeared to me, commencing the comforting process. The wall ahead the foot of my bed became a view of the horizon from just above the clouds. The sky was burnt orange and the sun's light was fading to the right of me. As our bed floated in the air, an angel descended down upon us, stopping just above where we lied. It then spread its massive wings, blanketing us from anything that may try to bring harm or disturbances. The sound of objects ricocheting off metal came and went, before an aura of serenity and peace enveloped the bed.


Quickly, I was launched back into an array of flashing images. The assault continued. I forced myself to awaken my eyes, checking to see if my baby girl and wife were also under attack. They displayed the behavior of ones who were finally able to find a comfortable position after struggling with the ability to rest. They appeared to be safe. I, however, had my eyelids become heavy with the weight of infliction.


Repeatedly, I tried to open them and they were slammed shut, inviting to the forefront of my mind all the images meant to strip my spirit of it's strength and security. However, I was not phased. A sense of lightness overcame each vision. Injected into the stream of chaos were familiar scenes which brought relief, even of the comedic value. The serious was serious no more. It was as if my spirit was making light of the attempt to attack it, laughing not only at what seemed a futile attempt, but laughing from joy caused by the power of faith and its deliverance.


Still, I remained restless and unable to return to my sleep. Curious as to the time, I wondered and feared if the clock would read 3 a.m. Past events similar to this all read 3 a.m. on the clock, or somewhere near that time. To my delight, the clock read 4:35 a.m. With what I experienced, it is unclear when the event began though. I pondered whether it commenced at or around 3 a.m., and lasted until the time of 4:35 a.m. I contemplated if I indeed was traveling between the spiritual and physical planes, that there would be no telling how long the event lasted. Time in the spiritual world could be a fraction of a second or an eternity within a single moment.


Nevertheless, this I can say without question. Since I began writing my recollection of the event, I feel as if some spiritual activity remains in motion. I heard a door close which is a few feet from where I stand now, yet, did not see or hear my wife. I did not see or hear anyone for that matter. Nevertheless, I have an overall sense of calm. I know the Lord has heard my prayers through Christ and protects us fiercely with righteousness. I can look into the darkness and feel no uneasiness. I know my family is safe. I know I am safe as well, at least for now.