TCIS Novels is home to my main project, the novel series "World of Truth". It is a fantasy/horror/action-adventure tale taking place in a time where righteousness and evil are entangled in a perilous battle for not only the souls of mankind, but for the soul of the planet as well!

In the TCIS Journal, you will find a window into the mind of the man behind TCIS. Read my collection of personal thoughts pertaining to philosophical, theological, secular and everyday musings!

The TCIS Archives are filled with an entire catalogue of short stories and other works covering a wide range of genres. Indulge in vigilante justice while reading "A Cajun's Kiss", explore the universe of an artista in "Confessions of a Serial Killer", plus much more! 

fantastical and intellectual escape through THE ART OF words


The mission of The Christopher Isaac Society is to write literature and produce works that are true to the experience of life, utilizing the pure love of art and creation. I plan to attack the literary scene with fervor, displaying my own unique style while creating an indelible stamp on the world. My society will be true to expression through writing, showcasing animation and emotion in all the works underneath my umbrella. Eventually, I plan on developing TCIS into a network of writers that represent what the mission of TCIS is all about: excellence through expression by creating new visions while paying homage to previous works from the literary greats who came before us.